MWSCAS Career Fair

We invite members of the MWSCAS Community - especially students - to participate in the MWSCAS Career Fair. This is an opportunity to meet with representatives from industry and to learn about job openings and career opportunities

New for 2023. The MWSCAS Career Fair is a new initiative at MWSCAS 2023. All members of the MWSCAS Community are invited to participate (see below)

What is it? The MWSCAS Career Fair is a networking event that will provide an opportunity for students and employers to meet one another, establish professional relationships, and discuss potential job and/or internship opportunities.  Participation is open to all members of the MWSCAS community. The goal is to provide an opportunity for networking and discussion of career opportunities. 

To participate in the Career Fair, applicants are encouraged to register their name, contact details, professional profiles (LinkIn, HandShake), institution, degree,  and skills, and to upload a resume (optional). Information about registered participants will be provided to participating employers.  The deadline to register is July 30, 2023. 

Logistical Details:

To participate, please register by clicking the "Register for MWSCAS Career Fair" button below.