DEI Event: Spilling the Tea
Professional Confession Session

This year’s MWCAS 2023 will feature a DEI event, Spilling the Tea, inspired by the technical confession sessions at past CASS meetings.  The session is a forum for sharing personal stories and hard-earned advice about career mistakes and challenges, what worked – or not – and how to resolve the problems. It will feature a diverse set of speakers who are at different stages in their careers, sharing experiences and incidents witnessed that will serve as a learning experience for the MWSCAS community.  Spilling the Tea will take place in the evening on Monday, August 7, 2023.  

The event will include a “happy hour”-style reception featuring mentoring, networking, snacks, desserts, and beverages. Please plan to join us for Spilling the Tea to learn some life lessons from your colleagues and share your own stories and anecdotes. The event will include speakers sharing anecdotes and personal stories/mistakes that could be related to technical errors, strategic mistakes, marketing mistakes, or even scientific errors. Attendees will engage in mentoring and networking while enjoying drinks and snacks. 

Workshop Co-Chairs: Mst Shamim Ara Shawkat (FIU) and Vidya Chhabria (ASU

Workshop Speakers Colin McAndrew, Doug Garrity, Jennifer Hasler, Sule Ozev, Todd Hylton, Chaitali Chakrabarty, Glen Uehara 

The goal is to have a lively and entertaining confession session, and we expect this discussion to support our attendees at various stages of their careers by helping them to build a sense of community, develop connections, network, learn from others’ mistakes, and, most importantly, learn from others’ mistakes so that they are better prepared to address the challenges they will face in their careers as they make their own mistakes.

Logistical Details:

We are grateful to the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society for their sponsorship of the MWSCAS DEI Event