Virtual Speaker submission

The virtual speaker submissions this year will require a short video submission. 

Video Submissions

If you can create your own video using custom software (e.g. voice over powerpoint), we will be happy to accept those as long as the file provided allows us to view and share the recording with the session attendees. The following instructions are provided for individuals who would like to use a method without fees. The submission will include text-based information that will cover the speakers' name, institution, position, and email. For submissions accepted as oral presentations, please record a video that is no less than 12 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes. For submissions accepted as interactive poster presentations, please record a video that is no less than 90 seconds and no more than 130 seconds.

Please plan what you will say in the video. Time goes by very quickly, and we would like to hear about your topic, why you think it is important, and important takeaways your audience can learn from hearing the talk. We suggest that the recording includes only one speaker. However, we will accept videos with multiple speakers.

How to create a video

You may use tools available to you to generate your video. One method of creating a video using software that does not require fees is using zoom. You may create a free account. Once you have created and verified your account, visit the zoom homepage. On the upper right of the page, click “Host” and choose the “With Video On” option. You may need to download the software to your device if you have not done so previously. Ensure your video and audio are working. We suggest you make a test recording to ensure your setup is working properly. The “Test Speaker and Microphone” option may be helpful to you. We suggest you ensure your face is visible in the screen. For multiple speakers, each speaker should be visible either using the Gallery or Speaker option (manageable in the upper right of the screen). If you need a link to invite your co-speakers, click the green shield in the upper left corner to view the link, meeting ID, and passcode. Use the record button on the bottom of the screen to begin the recording. Once you have started recording, the button will become a stop/pause button. After you stop the recording, you will see a window detailing the file conversion progress. Once the conversion is complete, you will see the folder location for the recording. In the folder, you should see 3 files, M4A, CONF, and MP4. Your video is now complete. You will need to upload the MP4 file.

Complete the google form including video link

Please upload your video to a cloud location that was can download the file from such as google drive or dropbox. You will need to make the file accessible for download for the conference so we can play the video from a local machine to prevent network challenges. 

This will be the link to provide in our google form.